teleprompter accesories

If you need it, here you will be able to find accessories and spare parts for your teleprompter: transport cases, talent monitors, tallys, usb extenders, anti-reflective, glasses or remote controls.

Transport cases

Personalized transport suitcases for any of our teleprompters.

  • Built-in wheels.
  • Scalable handles.
  • Reinforced corners.
  • Interior with high density foam.
  • There is also a lightweight option for TVP-IPAD/T for € 195.

Recommended retail price.
VAT not included.

Talent monitors

PGM video return monitor system for teleprompter structure. Includes fixing bracket under the prompter.

Inputs: HDMI, VGA, CBVS and HD/SDI

4 different models:
17″ standard brightness and 17″, 19″ and 22″ high brightness.

Recommended retail price.
VAT not included.

TALLY Light Number

Luminous device with tally entry for cameras.

  • Display dimensions: Height: 70 mm | Width: 48 mm.
  • Adaptation for camera and prompter.
  • 2 colors: green and red.
  • Automatic color change with tally or GPO signal (voltage and short circuit).
  • Supply of 12V DC or 14.4V DC (output of camera batteries).
  • Numbers from 0 to 9 selectable by switch.
  • Consumption of 200 mA at 12V DC.

Recommended retail price.
VAT not included.

USB Extender


TVPROMPT CERTIFIED USB Extenders, for any remote control with USB connection and wireless remote. Up to 100 m. Includes power supply.

Recommended retail price.
VAT not included.



To avoid unwanted antiglares, and contribute to the concentration of the professional who has to read the Teleprompter, we have designed this simple but very useful innovation, some side panels that are easily added to the teleprompter.

Available for different sizes of teleprompter.

Recommended retail price.
VAT not included.


If it is necessary to replace the polarized lenses for the Conference Teleprompters, request spare parts to be replaced immediately.

  • Optical grade: 70% transparent 30% reflective.
  • Thickness: 3 mm.
  • Various sizes available, also to measure.

Recommended retail price.
VAT not included.

Remote controls

In addition, we have different remote control devices for our teleprompters.

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