A wide range of professionals teleprompters

Studio teleprompter, designed for TV SETS, with set camera and auto balance system of center of gravity compensation.
Conference teleprompter for speeches, presentations, conferences, meetings and verbal communication of various kinds. Manual or motorized system.
Light teleprompter. Light equipment, prepared for handheld cameras or DSRL type, without discarding studio camera occasionally.
On Stage teleprompter. Used by singers and people who need a textual help in their performances or as a confidence complement in a stage.
Teleprompters PTZ
The PTZ teleprompter system is characterized by the possibility of incorporating robotic cameras in a prompter system.
Teleprompters software. Several software versions for professional TV systems, conferences or education, without disregarding professional services.
Remote controls. Software control from remote hand or foot controls, by USB or ETHERNET LAN, cable or wireless.
Accessories, technical elements designed complementing the teleprompter systems in their installations and depending on the type of camera or the desired performance.

Reasons to choose

Our experience guarantees us.
We are teleprompter manufacturers for 15 years.
Technical and advisory service.
We are professionals reference in broadcast section.
I+D departament.
Own development of software and hardware.
Made in Spain.
Company founded in 1993.
Great value for the price.
Modern and versatile equipment for all kind of customers.

At Additelecom we develop and manufacture teleprompter equipment and systems under the brand name TVPROMPT

We started the development and commercialization of the first teleprompter system in 2002 with prompter systems and remote controls, fully developing both software and hardware; since that time, there are more than 60 products in TVPROMPT systems catalog, with more than 1,000 units sold in the national and international markets.

We are a company located in Spain, with a technological vocation and our main lines of business are in Audiovisual sector, as well as in systems and infrastructures applied to the professional Radio and TV, Training Centers, University, Auditoriums, etc., offering both services and products in these business lines.

We position ourselves as one of the most prestigious national and international brands in the manufacture and sale of all kind of teleprompters, software, accessories and supporting feature for them.

We evolved by attending and solving the needs of our customers and the audiovisual market broadly.

Video summary of our stay at Integrated Systems Events (ISE) in Barcelona.
Video summary of our stay at Integrated Systems Events (ISE) in Barcelona.